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Social Change, Part 8: Envisioning the Future, an End and New Beginning...

Matt and I have finally gotten to the end -- or, shall I say, beginning -- of our discussion on the nature and dynamics of meaningful and lasting social transformation. Together we've examined the concept of social change, what genuine transformation actually looks like, who must be involved for this process for it to bear fruit, how to actively participate in this process, where this social action fits within the context of history and society today, and more... Phew! That's a lot!! And yet, still ... there's more: We now need to consult on the future, the vision of a future in which humanity will gradually come to live as one, one people, a single human family, one world civilization, unified, in material prosperity and spiritual peace. Yes, this interview will end this series on transformation. And no, this will not so much be an ending but a new beginning, the start of our efforts to translate this elevated vision of oneness, of unity, into the reality of our lives and the lives our families, our communities, society, and the world.

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