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Social Change, Part 6: The Guiding Principle?

Well, Matt and I have come a long way in our conversation! How far? Far enough to begin discussing the principle of integration, that principle which must guide meaningful and lasting social transformation, change that, gradually, over time, will move the whole of humanity forward toward the state and condition of global unity. Wow! In this interview, too, you may want to look for a cameo appearance from Matt's daughter, Joey, as well as a nervous tick I seem to have developed (in order to remain calm and composed) when I begin to get emotional. As always, my hope is that you'll take time out of your busy day (thank you!) to watch, listen, and, ultimately, accompanied by community, actively participate in the true processes of social change. Yes, I'm here for you as, together, we seek to serve the human family in ways that, inevitably, will also add energy, creativity, purpose, and meaning to our own lives.

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