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Social Change, Part 4: The Question of "Who"...

In this segment I discuss with Matt the question of "who" ... that is, who will take part in the transformation of society, and what role they will play in the unification of humankind. Will we continue to rely on those who presently lead -- political, economic, academic -- as we continue to comply with the orders of these "experts"? Will we continue to exhaust ourselves in protest after protest against all the injustices of the present social order? Or, might there be another way to think about social change, and, if so, what will be my role -- and yours -- in this process? Here, I outline an approach to social transformation based upon the fundamental truth of our time, that the whole of humanity is in fact one people, one race, one extended family. And, yes, understanding this reality changes everything, including our approach to social transformation, who will be involved in the building of a new social order, and the roles that each of us must play in this creative process. Please, if you care about the future of this world, our children and our children's children, please watch and listen with an open heart...

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