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Dying, enraged living. Jump, unpredictably predictable, unprovoked. Swelling, spilling, anger independent. An external force, crushing down. It sustains, hatred, mortal energy. Innocence attacked. What just happened? The soul collapses.

My anger closed, inside. I try. I lose... “pop” …triggered again. Descent -- unknowingly, unthinkably, unreasonably. Emotion untethered, unleashed, released -- imprisoned by “correctness.” 

Rage surfaces, a must! Seeking its own way, emerging, deep breath. I witness myself ... lobbing bombs, dandelions flicked, stomping ants. Cannon-fire. Me? Standing, close by and at distance, too far, above, looking down, watching, helpless.

Publishers hire “sensitivity readers.” NO, framing (reframing) sex, race, religion, gender, nation -- valued diversions, identities, entertainments! DO YOU BELIEVE IT? division, conflict, violence! YES, “Stop the offender, now!” Thanks to “sensitivities” I’m bottled, shaken ... .

Trust, low, no more?!? Feeling me, myself, yes, the material self: “Hide!” Pretend, or be found out…  “Maybe I’ll post something on Facebook.” I’m tired, deceived, deceiving. Who should I appear to be today?

Li(v)es, I lead: I am reasonable, knowledgeable, in control … I”M NOT ANGRY! Truth? stop. sit, s t i l l. open -- Acquiesce, Radiantly, within Limitation -- turning to heart. submission, alignment, life. Sorrows beneath bitterness, hatred, contempt, anger dissolve, give way, resolve into Detachment, Acceptance, Reality, Freedom, Love, Unity: “Ya Baha ul Abha.”

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