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Introducing This Podcast

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Welcome to “Beauty & Mr. B,” my podcast. I'm Mr. B. Today we are all witnesses to a world rapidly descending into disorder, a world entangled within the clutches of disintegration. What I’ve observed is that, today, most people seem to feel stuck. Most people I know – friends, family, new acquaintances, former colleagues, and my students – have become remarkably adept at identifying the world’s problems, understanding the destructive consequences of present-day thinking, analyzing what has caused the light of this world to fade. But that’s usually the point at which discussion stops – the moment when the question becomes, “How do I move forward?,” How do I think and live more constructively, with a sense of true purpose and meaning?” In this moment, what I hear is mostly ... silence, and that’s why I have created this podcast, for this discussion to begin moving again, moving forward. Each week I will consider new ways of seeing and thinking about the realities that surround us, new ways of aligning our individual lives with the unfathomable beauties of the world, and new ways of organizing our societies – ways that, over time, can help move forward the whole of humankind toward material prosperity, spiritual fullness, and universal peace. Thank you for listening...

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